February 9, 2012
Wireless tech field day 2

Tech field day is an event organized by Gestalt IT, focusing on bringing the network vendors closer to its customers. What they do is organize events, bringing a dozen independent network professionals together directly to vendors. The event is 2 days long, and is divided in 6 slots all together. Each vendor has a slot (2 hours) to engage with the delegates (as the invited independent network professionals are addressed).

Wireless field tech day (abbreviated as WFD) is a subset of field tech days and as the name implies it focuses on the WLAN industry. A fortnight ago, a second consecutive WFD was organized, following the first one that was held a year ago. 

For the first time a WiFi mobility symposium was held prior to the WFD, where industry giants were discussing topics as BYOD and mobile devices, 802.11u protocol, 802.11ac/ad protocol (gigabit WiFi). The whole event was streamed live and also recorded:

  1. WiFi mobility symposium introduction.
  2. BYOD and mobile devices.
  3. 802.11u.
  4. 802.11ac/ad.

A couple of additional videos of panelists introduction (Devin Akin of Aerohive, GT Hill of Ruckus Wireless, Carlos Gomez and Peter Thornycroft of Aruba and Paul Congdon of HP)are available on Vimeo for all interested. 

As for the WFD2, the vendors presenting were as follows: Aerohive Networks, Metageek, Ekahau, Meraki, Aruba Networks, Ruckus Wireless and HP (not necessarily in that order). 

The delegates present were as follows (source: http://techfieldday.com/2012/wfd2/):

Wireless field day as an event is something special. Its not just the unique format but the fact that the whole event is live streamed to the internet and recorded. Based on the recordings available I will make a series of blog articles. I will not focus on recapping the presentations (you can watch the recordings yourselves) but I will comment on the topics of the presentations and end with my personal take on it.
Till then, 

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